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Swanston Street Redevelopment

High Access Cabling was engaged by the lead contractor on this project to complete all the required electrical works for the redevelopment of Swanston Street in the Centre of Melbourne’s CBD.  High Access managed the installation of over a hundred new light fittings along the length of the street as well as many associated public lighting assets.

Utilising both new and existing infrastructure we ran new cables underground through new and existing conduits and pits through a shared facilities agreement along the length of the street.  Our work involved working alongside every stakeholder in the development including the builder, pavers, plumbers and other trades as well as the power supply company.

For the benefit of the council we were able to wire the street in such a way to enable the supply to be from a metered supply rather than from the public lighting network to give the council full control over the assets as well as being able to specifically measure the usage and energy efficiency benefits gained from using this advanced lighting technology.