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Swanston Street Plasma Light

The team at High Access worked with project managers and designers from the Melbourne City Council to develop a new light for the redevelopment of Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD.  The light was developed utilising light emitting plasma light technology which is becoming renowned for it’s efficiency and reliability, especially compared with traditional HID fittings.

Working with a tight deadline of only a few months, our team designed, engineered and commissioned the manufacture of the lights and poles to the exacting standards required by council.  The design and testing phase consumed considerable resources with thermal, load and light dispersal tests running non stop for several months to eliminate blending issues and achieving the desired lighting spread for specifically for Swanston Street.    Much work went particularly into dealing with the cooling requirements for the diverse temperatures experienced in Melbourne.   The end result utilised a custom designed die cast aluminum heat sink that perfectly regulates the temperatures for these lights and maintains the aesthetics of the light.

The poles had to be custom designed with special reinforcement specifically for these lights to not only maintain the aesthetics of the street but also take into account the significant weight of the light with the large glass sections should the poles be impacted by a vehicle.